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My first film credit!

Like scary shark films? 🦈

If you do then I recommend ‘47 metres down: Uncaged’.

At the beginning of the year I had an awesome opportunity to work on a shark film for a couple of weeks, it was kind of a family production in the end as my dad was construction manager on it, my brother was construction coordinator, my other brother and I were involved in the scenic painting of pretty much most of the underwater temple in the film.

Its not all glitz and glam I can assure you, we were working in a big cold barn that would usually be storing grain, painting at awkward angles, layered up in jackets and coats to keep warm, threat of snow on the weather app. Most of the set was made out of fibreglass, and had a reasonably smooth texture, in order to make it look like rocks we had to paint every inch of the scenery (which filled a huge 8m by 24m barn) with a rock coloured paint with sand inside called dryvit, which I tell you now, you do not want to get that stuff in your eyes, it gave the fibreglass a rough texture to then be worked on to look like coloured stone and rock.

Ben my brother had the enjoyable job of finding every shiny screw that held the pieces together and covering them up with plaster so as not to show up on camera, meanwhile I was learning texture techniques to create a rock like finish under the watchful eye of Gillian Campbell, learning how to use the paint sprayer, and getting to grips with bitumen. It was a great chance for me to put the skills I had learnt last year during my scenic painting course to use.

It was a race against time to get a lot of it painted and dried and then painted and dried again as in a few weeks time they were to be lowered into the underwater studios at Pinewood, and with such cold weather and the anticipated arrival of a big heavy duty heater it was going to be a rush to get it done...

to be continued!


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