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My first film credit part 2.

The heater has arrived!

Finally we can feel our toes again, and more importantly the paint is drying far quicker, it did take the occasional blow tube propping up to reach awkward places but Ben didn’t mind holding it up for 15 minutes at a time to dry a paint puddle, after all isn’t that what little brothers are for! We can now see the light at the end of the barn. Trailers come and go and start taking away finished scenery pieces once the front of the barn was cleared we then moved the back lot of stuff forward and got on with that.

A few weeks later Ben and I drove up to Pinewood studios to watch a day of filming and get to see our painted pieces in the tank. We watched as the actors swam about between painted fibreglass rocks and dodged sharks and of course screamed a lot! We even got to see stunts which looked great fun. The enthusiasm of the director was great to witness and it really did look amazing on the monitor, great to see it all come together.

Fast forward quite a few months, and the four of us Dad, will, Ben and I were heading up to Soho to watch the film with the cast and crew it was already out in america and doing very well, it was lovely to see everyone again and to think back to the cold times in the barn getting paint in our hair and sand in our eyes and fibreglass splinters now we were sipping wine together and laughing, and not a drop of paint on us, well, most of us! The film was very scary I spent a lot of it holding my breath, and squeezing the chair, the CGI was very well done and its so cool to see scenery that you painted on a big screen.

Ben and I weren’t expecting to get a credit, but not only did dad and will come up, twice, as the scenic artist section rolled up in the credits, there were our names in bright white letters, its a wonderful and proud feeling that you were credited for being part of something exciting.

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