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About me

I'm a freelance artist specialising in scenic and mural art based in south east Kent.

Growing up on a farm I was never afraid to get my hands dirty, nowadays its not so much mud i'm covered in, but paint, and I love it. 

After finishing my A levels in 3D design and photography I decided to head down the creative road gaining experience in the sfx make-up department on two major film sets, Macbeth and Beauty and the Beast. It was here that I saw the amazing scenic art work on the sets which inspired me to venture into scenic and mural painting, so I recently took part in a scenic painting course with James Rowse, to give me the basic skills I need to break into the industry. Not long after I finished the course I worked on a film in the scenic art department, painting stone effects on the scenery for

 '47 metres down uncaged'.

On the side I am a level 2 swimming teacher/ school teaching assistant and artist. Creating and designing murals for stairs, bedroom walls, and furniture. Creating sfx Make-up for small productions, designing tattoos and art work on lorries for floats/events. Happy to give anything a go, I love a challenge.

When i'm not painting you will find me at my piano, in the pool, or eating Lasagna. ;)

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