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My first blog post...

My website goes live today, to celebrate it seemed only right to go out and buy some paintbrushes, nice delicate ones for detailing. I love the feeling of the soft new bristles before they spend a life covered in paint, I tickle them against my palm as I walk out of the shop. My little bubble of arty happiness is soon popped by the realisation that i'm getting rained on, and so I have no option than to seek shelter in a hot chocolate shop, and order my favourite hot drink, thirty nine percent milk chocolate, with cream. ('Knoops' in Rye, I highly recommend you visit it.) It's still raining when I get home, I should paint rain droplets that would be fun, It's on my to paint list. This evenings' job is to finish my friends wedding table plan design so I set out my new paintbrushes, squeeze blue paint onto a palette and introduce the bristles to a life time of being submerged in colourful acrylics.

New paintbrushes

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